My Story.

My story begins in North County. I grew up in this community and decided to stay here to start my career and family. My career path  began with a summer job I had during high school, as a lifeguard for the City of Poway. I was always active in water sports and I figured, why not get a job at the place I spent my time at anyway? What started as a way to make some summer money turned into an entire career. After graduating from BYU with a degree in Business Administration, I returned to Poway for a full-time position with their Aquatics program.

For the past 20 years, my career has been in public service; providing educational and social opportunities for families as an executive in various city Parks and Recreation departments. I have held leadership positions across North County; working for the cities of Poway, Carlsbad, and currently Oceanside.

In my capacity as Oceanside’s Parks and Recreation Division Manager, I lead a team of 19 full-time and 75 part-time/seasonal staff providing residents with regular access to city recreational and educational programs. I oversee our division's budget and capital improvement programs and ensure the public is always heard in the decision making process. To get a better idea of my day job, check out “Parks and Recreation” starring Amy Poehler (or at least that’s how the public sees my job!).


Perhaps the most important part of my story, is that I am the husband to my incredible wife Joanne, and the parent of four children. Joanne works for the American Heart Association, coordinating their Youth Heart Challenge, working with local schools to promote health and wellness, raising money for heart research. Three of my kids are still students at EUSD and my oldest just recently graduated.

I consider myself to be an educator in many aspects of my life—whether it be overseeing educational programming for the City, or my work in extracurricular activities. I have coached in Escondido Youth Sports for 16 years, been a youth mentor for programs ranging from surfing, to backpacking, to job skills. I have been a Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor and a Certified Shelter Manager for the American Red Cross. Teaching, mentoring, and educating are core elements of who I am.

When Joanne and I aren’t juggling our busy professional and family lives, we are actively involved in our local church.

Escondido is our home. We love this community and wouldn’t trade it for any other place. I am so excited to run for school board and share my experience as a public servant, educator, and father to help our schools reach new heights.

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Paid for by Mark Olson for Escondido Union School Board 2020

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